MODEL:  ESS-SDI-23R12-14

MODEL:  ESS-SDI-2424R12-14

The ESSCO Sewer Seal Models shown above represent only a small sample of our capability. ESSCO can design Sewer Seals for any size and type application, whether it is a new application or retrofitting an existing application.

There are numerous sizes and shapes (Round, Square & Rectangular) of existing concrete catch basins. Some have cast iron frame and grates, some have angle iron frame with bar grating and some have concrete lips to support bar grating. No matter which one you have, ESSCO Sewer Seals can be designed to fit whatever type you have.  Please see the ESSCO MEASUREMENT FORMS below.

Retrofitting new concrete catch basins with different types and sizes of cast iron frame and grates is not always a simple process.  There are many companies that manufacture cast iron frame and grates, but the frame and grates are not interchangeable, and therefore not equal. ESSCO Sewer Seals may not be compatible with all frame and grates.

Frame and grate selection for catch basins that will require EPA Compliance for QQQ, B-1 or HON regulations should not be specified with the “Or Equal” designation. The easiest way to select the proper frame and grate is to contact ESSCO and let us assist with your grate selection.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates excess water used to seal catch basins.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.
  • Safety Advantages

    - Prevents emission of toxic vapors to atmosphere.

    - Provides continuous water flow while maintaining a water seal.

    - Prevents water build-up during hot work.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Enhances the environment by reducing solids and hazardous waste build-up in sewer drainage systems.

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.