Waste minimization is a very important area to consider. EPA requires that any material such as sand, dirt or gravel be handled as a hazardous material once it has entered the sewer system. Sand, dirt or gravel that wash into catch basins can cause other problems as well. Solids will settle in underground laterals and trunk lines and reduce flow, which could lead to safety problems. Most of these solids will eventually find their way to the API separator, where they must be handled as a hazardous material. Many plants have stated that one (1) pound of sand or dirt that washes into the sewer system through the surface drains, will become approximately ten (10) pounds of hazardous sludge that requires disposal.

The Envirosafe Sewer Seal or Catch Basin, when installed, becomes a solids separator and will retain 70% to 80% or more of any sand, dirt or gravel that washed into the trough. This allows for easy removal before it enters the sewer system. With disposal cost running from $500 to $1500 per ton, it is easy to see that a reduction in solids entering the sewer system would result in a substantial reduction in sludge formation and thereby a substantial reduction in disposal cost.

The newly developed ESSCO Filtration System can reduce disposal cost even further. The ESSCO Filtration System eliminates any solids from entering the underground sewer system. Click the Filtration Systems tab for further information.


  • Environmental Advantages

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates excess water used to seal catch basins.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.
  • Safety Advantages

    - Prevents emission of toxic vapors to atmosphere.

    - Provides continuous water flow while maintaining a water seal.

    - Prevents water build-up during hot work.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Enhances the environment by reducing solids and hazardous waste build-up in sewer drainage systems.

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.