ESSCO Catch Basins are designed to meet EPA Regulations for QQQ, B-1, HON or NSPS Compliance and API Standard API RP 500 Type I Open Drain. ESSCO Catch Basins can also be used in municipal applications such as street drains or parking lots. No matter what the application, ESSCO Catch Basins are the best choice. They are designed for any flow rate requirement and any line size or line type. Flow rates are based on grate selection.

ESSCO Catch Basins are the lightweight alternative to heavy pre-cast concrete catch basins and have a significantly less installed cost. ESSCO Catch Basins are designed per the line size and flow requirements and therefore are smaller in overall size and weigh about 90% less than a pre-cast concrete catch basin.

ESSCO Catch Basin Models shown below by design collect all surface drainage, hold a water seal and work as a solids separator to retain most debris such as sand, dirt, gravel, etc. that washes into the catch basin. Retaining these solids in the ESSCO Catch Basin prevents them from getting into the underground sewer system and causing a reduction of flow capacity.

Safety is the most important benefit of the ESSCO Catch Basin design. When any hydrocarbons collect on the seal, simply remove the grate, remove the cap and flush with water. Hydrocarbons are flushed to the underground system. Replace the cap and you have a safe seal where hot work can be performed. Flooding never occurs, because there is always continuous flow.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates excess water used to seal catch basins.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.
  • Safety Advantages

    - Prevents emission of toxic vapors to atmosphere.

    - Provides continuous water flow while maintaining a water seal.

    - Prevents water build-up during hot work.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Enhances the environment by reducing solids and hazardous waste build-up in sewer drainage systems.

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.