ESSCO Catch Basins, Drain Hubs and Sewer Seals for EPA Compliance of QQQ, B-1, HON & NSPS

ESSCO started in the mid nineteen eighties with our first product, the patented ESSCO Sewer Seal. The ESSCO Sewer Seal was initially designed as a safety device to retrofit existing catch basins and drain hubs to prevent explosive vapors in the sewer system from being ignited and causing sewer explosions. The ESSCO Sewer Seal retrofits existing catch basins and drain hubs, thereby eliminating the necessity for major modifications to existing sewer systems that may be required in order to attain compliance with EPA Air Quality regulations on emissions of hydrocarbon and toxic vapors (VOC’s) from sewer systems. The ESSCO Sewer Seal, when installed in an existing catch basin of drain hub, establishes a visible water seal at grade level that prevents the escape of hydrocarbon, toxic and explosive vapors to the atmosphere, thereby complying with EPA requirements for water seals on sewer systems.

The ESSCO Catch Basin & Drain Hub, also patented, not only incorporates all the advantages of the ESSCO Sewer Seal, but can be used as an alternate or replacement for heavy precast concrete catch basins and p-traps currently in use. Precast concrete catch basins are very heavy and will settle over time and normally develop cracks that allow hazardous materials to leach out and contaminate the surrounding soil. Depending on the area of the country, pilings or other means of support may be required to support the weight of a precast concrete catch basin. The lightweight ESSCO Catch Basin is normally cast into the top concrete slab and eliminates the need for supports.

The ESSCO Drain Hub, also patented, establishes a water seal at grade and eliminates the need for a p-trap. P-traps do provide a water seal that is located underground and not easily visible, making it very difficult to determine if a proper water seal is present. A visible water seal is required by federal and state regulations.

Sand, dirt and gravel that wash into catch basins during normal day-to-day operations can cause plugging of underground sewer lines, reduced flow and generate an enormous of solid/hazardous waste that requires disposal. Hazardous waste disposal and cleaning of sewer lines can cost companies millions of dollars annually. ESSCO Catch Basins & Sewer Seals provide a means of trapping and collecting 70% to 90% of any sand, dirt and gravel before it has the chance to enter the underground sewer system.  Trapping these solids at grade level provides for easy removal and greatly reduces disposal cost and keeps undergrounds lines clear and flowing at design capacity.


  • Environmental Advantages

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates excess water used to seal catch basins.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.
  • Safety Advantages

    - Prevents emission of toxic vapors to atmosphere.

    - Provides continuous water flow while maintaining a water seal.

    - Prevents water build-up during hot work.

  • Environmental Advantages

    - Enhances the environment by reducing solids and hazardous waste build-up in sewer drainage systems.

    - Eliminates VOC and Toxic emissions to the atmosphere.

    - Eliminates use of concrete catch basins which can crack and contribute to ground contamination.